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SoundSight breaks new ground with video + audio recording headphones

By Marcus Wong - on 11 Jul 2014, 4:17pm

SoundSight breaks new ground with video + audio recording headphones

The SoundStage headphones have quite a striking design. (Pictured in titanium above).

SoundSight wasn’t kidding when they said they were going to introduce the most revolutionary pair of headphones to hit the market. The SoundSight headphones are a pair of Bluetooth headphones that will record audio, video and connect to your smart device to allow you to share your content with the world.

The camera in the headphones is protected from dust, water and the elements by a dedicated protective ring, and a 6-axis Gyroscope/Accelerometer helps to maintain stability on your footage while no less than six microphones work to pick up what you’re saying and hearing.

Audiophiles will be interested to note that SoundSight headphones have a frequency range of 16-20,000 Hz, and feature dynamic HiWave drivers for warm sound and detailed bass. Included in the pack is a 3.5mm detachable coiled cable, a 3.5mm detachable straight cable, and a USB audio cable.

The SoundSight is capable of recording up to 1080HD video, while Bluetooth stream casting via your smart device is supported at a resolution of 640p/24fps. All this is powered by just one 800mAh Lithium ion battery that gives 4 hours with the full activated features on, 18 hours with just Active Noise Cancellation enabled, and 24 hours in standby mode.

It seems that SoundSight is looking to open a world of possibilities by making SDKs (standard developer kit) available to third party app and accessory makers so hopefully it won't be too long before we start seeing more applications for this novel device that seems immediately less conspicuous than something like Google Glass, but yet with the potential to be more immersive. 

Developed with support for Android and iOS devices, SoundSight is selling a limited run of units priced at US$349 a pair from 11th July 2014 (US time) before the official release in spring of 2015, when the headphones will retail for US$499 a pair. The SoundSight Bluetooth smart headphones are available in Onyx and Titanium color options at their website.

The SoundStage headphones in Onyx.

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