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The Sound Joy is Huawei's new entry into the rugged Bluetooth speaker market

By Glenn Chua - on 28 Feb 2022, 2:35pm

The Sound Joy is Huawei's new entry into the rugged Bluetooth speaker market

The Huawei Sound Joy. (Screenshot: Huawei Mobile YouTube channel)

Though it's already a month old, Huawei took the time in the last few minutes of its Smart Office stream to talk about its Sound Joy portable speaker, which competes against other outdoor-focused speakers like the Charge and Flip from JBL -- right down to the pill shape.

Huawei says it co-engineered the Sound Joy with speaker and amplifier company Devialet. Part of its audio tech chops includes its four-unit sound system consisting of a 20W full-range carbon-fibre speaker diaphragm and 10W silk-dome tweeter on the front, and two passive radiators on the sides of the Sound Joy.

Powering that is an 8,800mAh battery, with which Huawei promises up to 26 hours of music playback, and failing that, it supports 40W Super Charge to juice it back up. The Sound Joy uses Bluetooth 5.2 for connectivity, and Huawei showcased a few fun features including Shake to Pair Stereo, where you can shake two speakers (or just press the stereo key) within five minutes to pair them as a daisy-chain, giving you a wider stereo sound powered by the two speakers, much like JBL's PartyBoost.

The Sound Joy also has a multi-coloured LED ring on the side, and that's not just for looks; the lights inform the user of the Sound Joy's battery life and track volume (and you can disable it if you don't want the feature). Sound Joy also has One-Touch Transfer, which essentially allows you to quickly transfer a track playing on your phone to the portable speaker via NFC, and can act as a voice assistant pod.

Finally, it's rated for IP67 water and dust resistance -- more specifically, Huawei tested the device in clear water that's not more than1m deep, for 30 minutes.


Availability and Pricing

For now, it looks like the Sound Joy is only available in certain European markets, with no news on local (or even North American) availability. Still, if you want to somehow get it to Singapore (or if you're in the eight European countries where this is available), you can get Huawei's first-ever portable speaker for €149 (~S$220), with colour options ranging from spruce green to obsidian black.

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