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Sony unveils official PlayStation 5 logo but not much else

By Kenny Yeo - on 7 Jan 2020, 10:05am

Sony unveils official PlayStation 5 logo but not much else

Unlike rivals Microsoft, Sony is keeping details of its next-generation gaming console close to its chest.

Sony was expected to reveal more details about PlayStation 5 at its CES 2020 keynote today but all it did was unveil the official logo.

Here it is, and yes, it looks mighty familiar.

The only other thing Sony confirmed about PlayStation 5 is that it will be released during the holiday season later this year. But we already knew that.

However, Sony did share some interesting stats on the PlayStation 4. It said it already sold over 104 million PS4 units, which makes it the second best-selling console of all time behind the PlayStation 2.

It also shared that it has sold over 1.15 billion PS4 titles and 5 million PlayStation VR headsets.

As for its PlayStation Network service, Sony says it has over 103 million monthly active users.

Back to the PlayStation 5. It will feature an 8-core CPU and a custom GPU, both sourced from AMD. It will also support hardware ray-tracing and will use SSDs to speed up loading times. And perhaps most importantly for PlayStation fans, it will be backward compatible with PS4 games.

For now, PlayStation fans can read up on all we know about the PlayStation 5 so far here.

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