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Sony launches new Ult Power sub-brand, made for bass-focused audioheads

By Liu Hongzuo - on 12 Apr 2024, 4:22pm

Sony launches new Ult Power sub-brand, made for bass-focused audioheads

Sony Ult Tower 10.

Sony announced the launch of Ult Power, a new audio sub-brand designed for audio lovers who eat, breathe, and live for bass-heavy party music.

The new brand launched with a range of audio products, including an Ult Tower 10 standing speaker, the Ult Field 7 and Ult Field 1 wireless portable speaker, and Ult Wear wireless headphones.

A consistent perk across all Ult Power audio products is an Ult Button. This unique feature, which Sony said provides “signature sound quality”, allows you to switch between one or two different sound modes to enhance your audio experience based on your preferences.

Here’s a deeper look at each Ult Power model to see what they truly offer.

Ult Tower 10

Sony Ult Tower 10 (centre).

Sony’s Ult Tower 10 is a 29kg, ~1.1m standing tower speaker with 360° coverage built into nearly every aspect: 360° Party Sound, 360° Party Light, and karaoke (with an included wireless microphone). 

Its Ult Button switches between two bass-focused sound signatures, designed to incite listeners into dancing harder. 360° Party Sound and 360° Party Light adds to that experience with a light show synchronised the music played.

To take full advantage of its 360° design, it also has Sound Field Optimisation, which detects noise and adjusts sound settings automatically to compensate and deliver clear music.

The built-in karaoke feature also has Echo and Key controls on the top panel for singers who want an extra oomph. It also has a port for wired microphones, and can double as an amplifier for plugged in guitars.

Sony Ult Tower 10.

Ult Tower 10 can also be paired to a TV and act as its speakers, and its TV Sound Booster further enhances that.

Finally, Ult Tower 10 also supports Party Connect, daisy-chaning with a maximum 100 compatible speakers for overwhelming coverage.

The driver configuration packs two tweeter units, one midrange unit, and two rear tweeters, plus a 320mm woofer unit for ultimate bass. It uses Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity (SBC, AAC, LDAC) for wireless audio. IOs consist of a stereo mini-jack input, a USB-A port, an optical digital input, and one 6.3mm guitar or mic input.

Ult Tower 10 will arrive in Singapore in August 2024, with an official price of S$1,399. Purchase details will follow later.

Ult Field 7 and Ult Field 1

Sony Ult Field 7.

Sony's Ulti Field 7 and Ult Field 1 are wireless portable speakers that weigh 6.3kg and 650g, respectively. The near ~10x difference in weight caters to different needs, with the Ult Field 7 being a car-friendly portable choice and the Ult Field 1 being a bag-friendly ultra-portable alternative.

Sony Ult Field 7.

Naturally, the bigger Ult Field 7 can fit more features than its smaller friend. Ult Field 7 has Sound Field Optimisation, a 30 hour battery life (per Sony’s trials) and karaoke + guitar input, on top of ambient lighting. It also has Party Connect if you need to link up more speakers.

Sony Ult Field 1.

The smaller Ult Field 1 doesn’t have those perks, but it shares other essential features also seen on its bigger cousin. For example, they both have IP67-rated water and dust resistance, the Ult Button (Field 1 has one extra bass mode, Field 7 has two).

Because of its portable size, the Ult Field 1 offers hands-free calling with built-in Echo Cancelling technology.

Ult Field 7 (S$699) and Ult Field 1 (S$299) will arrive in Singapore in August 2024; other availability details are to be confirmed.

Ult Wear

Sony Ult Wear.

If you want bass-heavy music without disturbing others around you, this new series also offers Ult Wear (WH-ULT900N), the over-the-head headphones with two bass profiles on its Ult Button.

It uses the same Sony Integrated Processor V1 found on its flagship 1000X series headphone products, but the driver is designed specifically for Ult Power needs (therefore, bass-biased with more affinity towards dance or club music).

Ult Wear also offers a dual noise sensor for its noise-cancelling perk, and it features a foldable form factor for better portability. Sony said it lasts up to 30 hours with noise cancellation powered on, and 50 hours if you dont use NC.

Sony Ult Wear.

Ult Wear retails at S$299 from 12 April 2024 onwards and is available on the official Sony online store.

From 12 to 15 May 2024, Sony is doing a S$40 discount (bringing it down to S$259) and throwing in a free SRS-XB100 wireless speaker (worth S$90) if you purchase it from Sony Stores, Sony Online Store, and Sony authorised dealers. 

Students can get an extra 10% off if they purchase it via the Sony Student Portal or when they buy it via a Challenger Student membership.

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