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Sony’s new X-series wireless party speaker livens up your karaoke with omnidirectional sound

By Liu Hongzuo - on 18 Oct 2022, 3:09pm

Sony’s new X-series wireless party speaker livens up your karaoke with omnidirectional sound

Sony SRS-XV900.

Sony today (18 October 2022) announced the launch of its SRS-XV900. It’s an X-series wireless party speaker that’s Bluetooth-capable, has a 25-hour-long battery life, and omnidirectional audio with deep bass and clear sound at full volume. 

The SRS-XV900 has 6.3mm audio jacks for one microphone and one guitar, which makes it a busker’s ideal speaker. If you can’t play the guitar, you can at least make all your neighbours know you’re training to be the next Voice of China with your songbird vocals. To further boost your voice, you can even download Sony’s Fiestable app onto your phone and enable its Double Tracking feature.

The X-series party speaker itself packs an X-Balanced speaker unit with a non-circular diaphragm to boost its sound pressure, reduce distortion, and maximise its coverage area. It uses Jet Bass Booster for its bass component (320mm), with midrange drivers (120mm) for vocals and six tweeters firing to the front (50mm), side (40mm), and back (40mm) for an immersive soundstage.

Its 25 hours of battery life support quick charging, with Sony saying that it grants up to three hours of playback on a fast 10-minute charge. The speaker also packs Battery Care Mode to help extend the longevity of the battery unit and reduce instances of overcharging.

SRS-XV900 has a built-in carry handle, a set of castor wheels for easier transportation, given how it's 26.6kg. There's a USB slot (USB-A at 5V/1.5A) for music stored on a thumb drive and for charging mobile phones. There’s also a  top touch panel for controlling its party lights, settings, and playback on-the-go.

Finally, the speaker also integrates Live Sound mode, which recreates and equalises live music to sound realistic. 

The X-series speaker’s Bluetooth 5.2 support also comes with Party Connect, letting users connect up to 100 compatible Sony speakers with Bluetooth capabilities.

The Sony SRS-XV900 speaker retails from 18 November 2022 onwards for S$,1299. It can be found in select retail shops and online stores

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