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Sony’s new USB Type-C power banks are out

By Liu Hongzuo - on 13 Jul 2016, 11:13am

Sony’s new USB Type-C power banks are out

The new USB Type-C power banks and charging adapter by Sony.

Sony launches two USB Type-C battery packs and a USB Type-C AC adapter. The new power banks, CP-SC5 and CP-SC10, are designed for fast-charging USB Type-C devices while on the move. It’s a little strange to us since the latest Sony smartphones do not use a USB Type-C charging port, but we aren’t complaining, since we’re getting more reliable ways to charge USB Type-C devices.

The CP-SC5 power bank has a battery capacity of 5,000mAh, and it comes with one USB Type-C port rated at 3.0A for input and output. The CP-SC10 battery pack comes with 10,000mAh capacity and two Type-C ports, granting a total of 6.0A output. One extra feature on the CP-SC10 is pass-through charging – you can charge the power bank, while the latter is already charging your mobile device. That’s neat.

Sony claimed that their Hybrid Gel Technology can provide up to 1,000 charges in one life cycle. As a quality-of-life add-on, both power banks come equipped with LED indicators on the side. The lights inform the user about the batter pack’s remaining charge at any time.

Tagging along the power bank’s announcement is the new USB Type-C AC adapter by Sony – the CP-AD3. With its Type-C port, you can use the adapter to either charge your USB Type-C devices, or the CP-SC5 and CP-SC10 power banks.

The CP-SC5 and CP-SC10 will come in colors Grey, Silver, and Gold. The CP-AD3 adapter will be available in white. All of them will be available come August 2016, but Sony does not have an official retail price yet. Stay tuned.

For the technical and the curious, below are the specifications as provided by Sony:

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