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Sony’s new 8K and 4K Mini-LED TVs come with its powerful XR cognitive processor

By Liu Hongzuo - on 5 Jan 2022, 12:16am

Sony’s new 8K and 4K Mini-LED TVs come with its powerful XR cognitive processor

Sony CES 2022 TV launch.

Sony just officially announced its 2022 TV lineup at CES 2022. Most notable are its Mini-LED LCD TVs - the Z9K series and X95K series - now packing the company's powerful XR cognitive processor.


XR? Mirroring the human viewing experience?

If you need a quick refresher on how Sony's XR cognitive processor sets itself apart from conventional image signalling processors for TVs, do check out the first part of our Bravia XR hands-on here. In a nutshell, Sony did a lot with AI, processing power, and software tuning for a mechanical processor to mirror the human viewing experience.


Mini-LED everything?

The Sony Z9K series (with 8K resolution) and X95K series (with 4K resolution) come with Mini-LED LCDs, much in the same fashion as Samsung's and LG's latest Mini-LED TV launches.

Mini-LED is a relatively newer panel technology that uses tiny LED bulbs and diodes as backlights to illuminate an LCD. Conventional LCDs use regular-sized LEDs, but their larger size makes them less precise than Mini-LEDs. Conversely, OLED panels can illuminate themselves and do not require LED backlighting.

The Z9K comes in 85- and 75-inch variants, while the 4K resolution X95K series has 85-, 75-, and 65-inch versions. With last year's Sony TVs having a "J" suffix, it also follows that 2022's Sony TVs has the "K" suffix too. 


XR Backlight Master Drive

Mini-LEDs, as its name implies, offers more crystals of light than typical full-array panels, but the heightened number of mini-diodes require more processing power. To cope with backlight demands and reduce halo effects emitted from adjacent bulbs, the XR cognitive processor uses an additional "XR Backlight Master Drive" algorithm to balance out the dark and light areas of content to prevent blooming.


Audio from the TV's frame

Acoustic Multi-Audio utilises the entire TV's frame to distribute sound, instead of the conventional unidirectional, bottom-firing TV speakers. The frame-based firing and software adjustments let the Z9K and X95K panels create a soundstage with multiple "phantom speakers" placed around the viewer. 


Other cool bits

A cool feature is the TV remote that comes with these new panels. The remote is backlit, so users can easily navigate settings even in a dark viewing environment. 

The TV also comes with Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, allowing the TV to automatically calibrate Netflix content based on the room's lighting conditions. This automatic feature's true aim is to let viewers experience Netflix content precisely the way the creators intended.

Naturally, a Sony TV of this calibre is also optimised for its Sony PlayStation 5 console. Connecting a PS5  triggers two exclusive PS5 features automatically: HDR tone-mapping, and Auto Genre Picture Mode that prioritises latency over image quality when a game is on.

We'll share more about the Sony Z9K and X95K series when we get a chance to experience them. For now, Sony said that only select models are available in select regions, so it's still not known which models are coming, if ever.

Source: Sony (EU pressroom)

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