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Sony Raises Sales Projections of Playstation 4 After E3

By Kenny Yeo - on 18 Jun 2013, 10:32am

Sony Raises Sales Projections of Playstation 4 After E3

Source: Metro

According to sources familiar with Sony, the company is said to be raising its sales projection of its new Playstation 4 after its impressive showing at E3. CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment did not share specific figures but did suggest that "demand may well outstrip supply".

At E3, Sony unveiled the design of the Playstation 4, but more importantly, Sony also confirmed that its new console would have no online requirements and no restrictions on used games - unlike Microsoft's Xbox One. Additionally, they also announced that it will go on sale for US$399, a full US$100 less than the Xbox One. On top of this, the Playstation 4 is superior to the Xbox One in terms of compute and graphics processing power.

As a result of these annoucements, Sony believes that many gamers have taken warmly to the Playstation 4 and are confident that gamers will see the merits of its console and policies.

Source: Polygon

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