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Sony launches 600W, 5.1 real surround soundbar system for cinematic audio at home

By Liu Hongzuo - on 19 Jan 2022, 4:40pm

Sony launches 600W, 5.1 real surround soundbar system for cinematic audio at home

Sony HT-S40R.

Want a soundbar with true surround sound for your home cinema? Sony just launched the HT-S40R, which might help scratch that audio itch.

The HT-S40R draws 600W total power output, has 5.1-channel real surround sound, and Dolby Audio technology built-in to bring every aural detail closer to the listener. 

The whole kit has one wireless amplifier that powers its rear speakers, offering a wireless experience between the front and back units. The central unit is a slim, compact soundbar, and the full setup also includes a subwoofer unit for bass.

What makes the HT-S40R convenient is its ability to be wall-mounted. You can also opt to have it seated across a TV tabletop like most home cinema setups. It’s also made to be ready right out of the box - simply connect everything together and the subwoofer to the TV, and you’re good to go. It offers various inputs, like HDMI ARC, optical, and analogue options.

As a speaker system, it also has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, making it easy to pair with other playback devices for wireless music. It’s even considerate enough to come with Night and Voice modes when you need granular control over audio profiles at odd hours.

The Sony HT-S40R is now available in Singapore at S$899. You can find them at physical Sony stores, Sony’s authorised resellers, the Sony Store Online, and other online retailers.

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