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Sony Launches 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System

By Joy Hou - on 21 Jul 2011, 10:00am

Sony Launches 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System

Sony has announced the launch of the BDV-3985WH, its latest 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System which combines an emphatic sensory experience with the traditional sleek and attractive aesthetic stylings which Sony is known for. The latest blockbusters vividly jump straight out of the screen in full 3D, while its Surround Sound mode will provide sheer aural pleasure from the Full-tallboy system.

The BDV-3985H is the perfect companion for the discerning consumer eager for high-quality entertainment in the comfort of his own home, with a wide variety of music and video contents made available right out-of-the-box through more than 15 channels of BRAVIA Internet Videos, and much more with the in-built Internet Browser. It also features a newly developed Omni-Direction sound mode, wider directional speakers and the D.C.A.C Digital Cinema Auto Calibration, which provides for an immersive entertainment experience. Additionally, with WiFi connectivity (with the optional UWA-BR100 Adaptor) and a Wireless Surround Amplifier, messy entangled wires are a thing of the past.

Priced at $1,599, the BDV-E985W is now available at all Sony authorised retailers, and comes with three free accessories (1 x Sony Highspeed HDMI Cable, 1 x D.C.A.C Calibration Mic, and 1 x iPod/iPhone dock).

Key Features
3D Picture and 3D Surround Sound On 3D Surround Sound mode, You feel sound comes from behind TV and that sound comes straight out of the screen to you, along with 3D visual excitement.
Wider Listening Area Newly developed wider directional speakers broaden the sweet spot so that you, your family and friends don’t have to sit in the best position to enjoy movie with immersive surround sound.
Ease of Use with HDMI Repeater 2 HDMI inputs realize simple connection and enable you to switch AV devices more easily.
Bravia Internet Video A wide variety of music and video contents is accessible through Bravia Internet Video.
WiFi Ready Be free from entangled LAN cable with WiFi Connection. (Wireless LAN Adaptor UWA-BR100 is required).
Wireless Ready Amplifier Be free from entangled wires between the main unit and the rear speakers with this wireless surround amplifiers.
IP Sound Enhancer Enjoy improved sound on the internet and MP3 player with IP Sound Enhancer.
Entertainment Database and Media Remote Entertainment Database Browser with Gracenote technology assists you to get the information related to your Blu-ray disc, DVD and CD from the internet. Media Remote application for iPod touch, iPhone and Android devices lets you get the same info as well and functions as a remote commander through wireless network.
D.C.A.C Digital Cinema Auto Calibration Sony’s original auto calibration system, brings your room close to the ideal listening environment automatically, regardless of your listening position or the shape, size or construction of the room.
Compatibility with iPod/iPhone Enjoy music, videos and photos in your iPod/iPhone
DLNA Capability Not just the devices connected directly to the system with cables, with DLNA capability, you can enjoy music and videos stored on the other devices such as a PC connected to your home network
Omni-Direction Sound Mode Rather than one “sweet spot,” this feature expands listening pleasure to everybody in a room and ensures that music doesn’t interrupt conversation. Listen to music in comfort even when having a party with your family and friends or doing housework.


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