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Sony Introduces SmartWatch 2 with Water Resistance and NFC Connectivity

By Sidney Wong - on 25 Jun 2013, 4:40pm

Sony Introduces SmartWatch 2 with Water Resistance and NFC Connectivity

 Image source: Sony

Sony Mobile today introduced the SmartWatch 2, which is the world's first smartwatch with NFC. 

Another key feature of the SmartWatch 2 is its access to a rich database of dedicated apps.These apps can be used to personalize the watch and perform a range of unique functions such as taking a photo remotely from your watch (via a smart camera app), controlling presentation slides remotely (via Presentation Pal app),  and accessing notifications from messages, calls, emails and social networking sites.

When not connected to an Android device, the SmartWatch 2 has standalone functionality such as showing the time, setting alarms and using it as a light source. Charging the watch is easy via a standard micro-USB cable.

The SmartWatch 2 is designed for consumers leading an active lifestyle, as it incorporates a water and dust resistance aluminium design (IP57). Its 1.6-inch display (220 x 176 pixels) is also readable under sunlight. 

If the default stainless steel wristband is not your liking, you can swap it with any standard 24mm wristband. Sony will also offer new watchstraps in the near future.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 will be available worldwide from September.

Seen here are the red Pebble watch (left) and the Sony SmartWatch 2 (right).

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