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Sony is giving away Final Fantasy 7 Remake for free in March

By Tim Augustin - on 6 Mar 2021, 8:58am

Sony is giving away Final Fantasy 7 Remake for free in March

Note: This article was first published on 1 Mar 2021.

Image: Square Enix

Thinking of visiting Midgar?

PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting a whole lot of value out of the service in March, when they get access to four whole games - including Final Fantasy 7 Remake. These games will be available to download from 2 March onwards. Let’s run them down!

First up is Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Square Enix’s remake of the legendary RPG. It’s important to note that while the title suggests otherwise, this isn’t a full remake - it mainly follows Cloud and his friends as they adventure through Midgar, ending when they exit the city. That’s just a tenth of the original game, but the remake vastly expands this Midgar section to make up for it. You should also know that if you got this game via PlayStation Plus, it won’t be eligible for the upcoming PlayStation 5 version upgrades in June. 

Next, you have Remnant: From the Ashes. This is a third-person game that plays sort of like Dark Souls if it were a shooter. You play as one of the last remaining human survivors in existence fighting to reclaim a world overrun by monsters and interdimensional invaders. The worlds you travel into are dynamically generated, and you can play with up to three-player co-op multiplayer. There’s also a gear game, so you’ll have to scrounge for supplies and modify your equipment to keep up with the over 100 enemy types and bosses. 

If you’re more into puzzles, you could try Maquette. This game makes its PlayStation 5 debut via PlayStation Plus, just like Destruction AllStars in February. Maquette has you manipulating a diorama of the world around you, with every change you make reflected in your surroundings. You’ll have to solve puzzles this way, though you can always turn to the Game Help feature if you’re perplexed. 

We’re also getting a VR game for free in March. In Farpoint, you’ll have to stay on top of an arsenal of weaponry to survive in a hostile alien world. This free-roaming first-person PlayStation VR shooter is optimised for the PlayStation VR Aim controller, though you can still use the DualShock if you’d like. You can also play solo or with a friend via online co-op, or battle others in a bunch of Versus game modes. 

These four games will be available to claim until 5 April 2021. Until 1 March, you can also claim last month’s free games: Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie. 

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