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Sony Expands Vaio Fit Notebook Series with New 11-inch Vaio Fit 11A Ultra-Portable Notebook

By Leo Boon Yeow - on 7 Jan 2014, 3:17pm

Sony Expands Vaio Fit Notebook Series with New 11-inch Vaio Fit 11A Ultra-Portable Notebook


Sony's current lineup of Vaio Fit convertible PCs will be joined by the recently announced Sony Vaio Fit 11A, which runs an Intel Bay Trail-M processor instead of the Intel Core U-series processor found in the larger Vaio Fit PCs. However, other than its processor, the Vaio Fit 11A is virtually identical to its older siblings, the Vaio Fit 13A and Vaio Fit 15A. It will feature a brushed hairline aluminum lid design, as well as the same multi-flip design that lets it convert effortlessly into tablet mode, viewer mode or laptop mode with a single flip. 

Like the other Vaio Fit PCs, the Vaio Fit 11A will come with three proprietary apps that allow users to take advantage of its included N-Trig digitizer. With Vaio Scan, users will be able to shoot and edit photos, or clip objects from the photos with Vaio Clip, while Vaio Paper allows users to write memos on the edited images using the digitizer stylus. The Vaio Fit 11A also lets users view their creations on the machine's full HD Triluminos display (for mobile) and other technology adapted from Sony's 2013 Bravia range of TVs. 

The Vaio Fit 11A will be available in Asia Pacific in the first quarter of 2014, but there's no additional information on when it will arrive in Singapore, or how much it will cost. Also take note that Sony hasn't confirmed if the Asian Fit 11A variants will come with Photoshop Elements 12 like the ones that will be retailing in the US. However, when we do get the information from Sony, we will update this space, so keep a lookout for it here on HardwareZone

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