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Sony creates a multi-port cooler for Xperia 1 IV livestreamers and gamers

By Liu Hongzuo - on 12 Sep 2022, 4:38pm

Sony creates a multi-port cooler for Xperia 1 IV livestreamers and gamers

Sony Xperia XQZ-GG01.

Sony Xperia, the Sony team behind its mobile communications department, just launched its first official mobile gaming accessory – the Xperia Stream for Xperia 1 IV, also known as XQZ-GG01.

The XQZ-GG01’s main feature is an air-cooling system that circulates air to the display, providing heat management on both sides of the Xperia 1 IV. According to Sony, XQZ-GG01 was designed to provide targeted cooling specific to the Xperia 1 IV’s heat buildup.

For livestreamers, XQZ-GG01 provides multiple ports to meet your streaming requirements. The accessory has a 3.5mm audio jack (for wired audio), a full-sized HDMI port (for capture cards), a LAN port (for wired internet connectivity), and a USB-C port (for charging). All these ports are placed on the bottom (if you’re holding your phone in landscape orientation) to prevent its cables from obstructing the streamer during use.

Unfortunately, the XQZ-GG01 is built specifically for the Sony Xperia 1 IV and no other Android alternatives. Imagine how great all these ports would be for mobile gaming live streamers using other Android handsets.

Xperia Stream for Xperia 1 IV (XQZ-GG01) doesn’t yet have an official price or availability date, but it’s available for demos at Tokyo Game Show 2022, happening between 15 to 18 September 2022.

Source: Sony Xperia (Japan)

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