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Sony is bringing God of War to PC in 2022

By Tim Augustin - on 21 Oct 2021, 3:17pm

Sony is bringing God of War to PC in 2022

Image: Sony


God of War (2018) is the latest PlayStation exclusive to get ported over to PCs, it seems. Sony announced that the blockbuster PlayStation 4 game will arrive on Windows PC on 14 January, 2022 with a new trailer. 

Watch it below:

God of War will soon be available for purchase via Steam and the Epic Games Store - which funnily enough, also means that it’ll be available on Valve’s handheld Steam Deck console too. According to its Steam page, the game’s PC features include high fidelity graphics with 4K resolution, DLSS plus reflex support for better visuals and higher framerates, and support for ultra-widescreen too. 

In case you’ve somehow missed the boat on the God of War franchise - rest assured, this excellent game is well worth a playthrough. The 2018 soft-reboot took Kratos to the land of Nordic gods, where he struggles to raise his son following the passing of the child’s mother. A simple quest to spread her ashes takes the two across strange worlds, where they encounter fantastical enemies and allies alike. The game will soon get a sequel in 2022, titled God of War: Ragnarok. 

This continues a trend of Sony porting over their exclusives to PCs, after Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn got similar treatment. It’s worth noting that God of War’s PC port was found in a massive NVIDIA leak recently, lending credence to its other unannounced games which include Gears 6, Wolfenstein 3, Crysis 4 and more. 

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