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Sony believes phones with dual cameras will take off in 2017

By Cookie Monster - on 4 Feb 2016, 7:11am

Sony believes phones with dual cameras will take off in 2017

 The HTC One M8 is the first smartphone in the world to come with a Duo Camera.

The world's largest image sensor supplier believes smartphones with dual cameras will take off in 2017.

According to Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony's Chief Financial Officer, major smartphone makers will launch devices with dual cameras by next year although the slowing down of the high-end market segment may affect the demand and production schedule. 

Kenichiro Yoshida - “Well, for next year, our so-called dual lens – dual camera platform will be launched by, we believe, from major smartphone players. However, as I said previously, recently, our smartphone market is growing and particularly, our high-end smartphone market is now slowing down. So, that may impact the demand or production schedule of dual camera smartphones by the major smartphone manufacturers. So, we believe the real start, the takeoff of smartphone with dual lens camera will be in the year of 2017.”

HTC introduced a dual-camera setup on the One M8 three years ago, which allows the user to capture depth of field (DOF) information and offers a new set of editing options and picture enhancements. At least two major smartphone brands are expected to launch flagship smartphones with dual-cameras as early as this month. 

LG is rumored to be launching the G5 smartphone with dual displays and dual cameras at Mobile World Congress 2016 later this month while Apple is said to be working on two iPhone 7 Plus models where the higher-end variant will sport a dual-camera design.

Source: Xperia Blog

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