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Sony A7R II owners, prepare to go full raw on Monday

By Alvin Soon - on 15 Oct 2015, 10:25am

Sony A7R II owners, prepare to go full raw on Monday

For some people, raw is war, but for Sony A7R II owners, full-on raw will be a welcome change. 

Sony’s decision to ship the high-resolution 42MP sensor with the ability to only save in lossy, compressed raw confused and outraged its owners, especially when DP Review’s investigation revealed that the raw compression came with its own set of problems. 

To their credit, Sony listened, and promised firmware updates for the A7R II to unlock saving in 14-bit uncompressed raw. Well, that date has arrived; Sony has announced that the firmware will be released on Monday, October 19. 

While lossy compression throws away data to reduce file sizes, uncompressed files save the data completely as it is, resulting in higher fidelity files and also higher file sizes. This means that Sony A7R II users will finally be able to get the utmost quality straight from the A7R II’s impressive sensor.

The new firmware, version 2.0, will be available for download through Sony’s e-support site on the product page for model “ILCE-7RM2”.

Source: Sony via DP Review.

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