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Sonos' new Move 2 portable speaker now plays in stereo and for up to 24 hours

By Kenny Yeo - on 6 Sep 2023, 9:24pm

Sonos' new Move 2 portable speaker now plays in stereo and for up to 24 hours

Sonos Move 2. (Image source: Sonos)

Sonos has just announced the Move 2. It’s the company’s newest portable wireless speaker and it features numerous upgrades over the first-generation Move.

The dimensions are identical, but the Move 2 is available in a new Olive colour alongside the usual Black and White. The weight hasn’t changed either – it’s 3kg – so it’s heavy for what is supposedly a portable device. The Move 2 also retains its predecessor’s IP56 dust and water resistance rating and has a tough durable shell to protect it from accidental falls.

One telltale way of distinguishing the Move 2 from its predecessor is by the controls on the top panel. The Move 2 adopts the same touch controls as the Era 100 and 300 wireless speakers.

Sonos Move 2 colours. (Image source: Sonos)

Though it looks similar to its predecessor, the Move 2 has big changes inside. It now has two angled tweeters so it’s capable of true stereo sound. It also has an improved woofer for deeper and more dynamic bass. 

And because the environment can have a big impact on the way a speaker sounds, the Move 2 has an automatic calibration feature called TruePlay that will adjust its speakers' output to ensure it sounds its best.

As for connectivity, the Move 2 will support both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It can even play music over Bluetooth across the rest of your Sonos system – something the first-generation Move wasn’t capable of. You can use a line-in connection too, but you’ll need the Sonos USB-C adapter for that because there isn't actually a 3.5mm jack, only a USB-C port.

Touch controls on the top of the Move 2. (Image source: Sonos)

Battery life has improved dramatically. With its large 44Wh battery, Sonos claims the Move 2 can play music non-stop for up to 24 hours, which is double that of the first-generation Move. Furthermore, Sonos also says the Move 2 will consume 40% less energy at idle, which should also improve standby lifespan. As for charging, you can juice it up wirelessly using the Sonos charging base or via USB-C.

It’s been over 4 years since Sonos released the first-generation Move so this comes as a much-welcomed update. Crucially, the Move 2 improves on its predecessors in many important ways and looks like a worthwhile upgrade for owners of the original Move.

Availability and pricing

The Sonos Move 2 is priced at S$799 and will go on sale on 6 October. You can pre-order it now from TC Acoustic online store on Shopee and Lazada:

Order now from Shopee

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