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Sonoma Model One headphones now available in Singapore

By Kenny Yeo - on 7 Jul 2017, 10:47am

Sonoma Model One headphones now available in Singapore

The Sonoma Model One.

Sonoma Acoustic's Model One headphones have finally attained the necessary certifications and are now available in Singapore.

The Model One is an electrostatic headphone system developed by Sonoma Acoustics, who are made up of a group of ex-Sony and Philips employees who worked on the Super Audio CD project (SACD).

The name Sonoma comes from the DSD recording and editing workstation that they helped to develop in the early days of the SACD. In short, these are the guys who helped pioneered high-resolution audio.

If you haven't read our review, check it out here. But in short, the Sonoma Model One is an excellent sounding set of electrostatic headphones with incredible resolution, speed, and balance.

It is also unique in that it uses digital signal processing to achieve its target frequency curve. That's something you hardly ever see on high-end headphone systems.

The Sonoma Model One is available now from SLT Technologies and is priced at S$7,500.

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