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Some analysts cast doubts on all OLED iPhone lineup in 2019

By Cookie Monster - on 31 May 2018, 3:00am

Some analysts cast doubts on all OLED iPhone lineup in 2019

The Apple iPhone X.

Following Electronics Times' report that Apple will be using OLED panels for all three iPhone models in 2019, analysts who spoke to Bloomberg believe the switch to all-OLED iPhones is not possible. 

According to Bloomberg, JPMorgan analyst Jay Kwon claims that it is too early for Apple to make the decision and OLED displays would make the iPhones too expensive. This will go against the purpose of releasing a more affordable LCD iPhone model this year. 

Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting analyst Jeff Pu shares a different reason; the huge volume of iPhones sold every year would make it extremely difficult for Apple to secure sufficient OLED supplies. Other OLED suppliers such as LG Display have struggled to produce OLED panels in large quantities. 

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analysts believe Apple will continue to use LCD panels for the iPhone based on recent financial guidance from companies such as Japan Display. Fubon Securities analyst Arthur Liao said that he has not heard anything from his sources in the Taiwanese supply chain about Apple switching to all OLED models in 2019.

Even if Apple is not switching to all OLED iPhones next year, the company is rumored to be developing microLED technology for use on its devices in the future. Apple is said to be in preliminary talks with Taiwan-based company PlayNitride over cooperation in the MicroLED market.

Source: Bloomberg

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