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Solvil et Titus unveils Doraemon-inspired limited-edition watch collection

By The Count - on 11 Jul 2023, 9:18am

Solvil et Titus unveils Doraemon-inspired limited-edition watch collection

Watchmaker Solvil et Titus has unveiled its newest creation, a limited-edition watch series inspired by the timeless story of Doraemon. This series brings to life the cherished memories and camaraderie of the beloved characters – Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi and Suneo. The series also creatively incorporates elements of the Secret Gadgets from the story, such as the playful Bamboo Copter, the remarkable Anywhere Door, the mysterious Time Machine, and the magical Love Arrow, making these timepieces truly unique.

This Doraemon limited edition series boasts six charming designs, each dedicated to a central character and their valued possessions. A standout feature includes the depiction of the special bond between Doraemon and his sister, Dorami, as well as Doraemon's affection for Dorayaki, a popular sweet delicacy.

For authenticity, each Solvil et Titus Doraemon limited-edition watch includes a certificate with a unique serial number. The collection also offers an exclusive Doraemon watch box, a Doraemon printed tote bag, and a watch cleaning cloth, enhancing the overall luxury and appeal of this collection.

According to the press release, the watches can be purchased now at the Solvil et Titus Takashimaya Boutique at the Takashimaya Shopping Centre. The watch is also available online at their website. Prices start from S$340 and go all the way up to S$810 at the time of publishing.

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