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Sleep Number 360 takes smart beds to a whole new level

By Mark Yeong - on 21 Jan 2022, 2:02pm

Sleep Number 360 takes smart beds to a whole new level

Sleep Number's existing 360 Smart Beds.

Move-over sleep trackers, telling me how I sleep is not going to cut it anymore. Usually, my wearable will track sleep and tell me when I am in different phases of sleep such as Rapid Eye Movement (REM), light sleep, deep sleep or was awake. It's good to know this information and do a review after the night is over, but I can only really make any adjustments before I hit the sheets the next night, trust the process and hope that I will wake up with a better sleep score.

What if I told you that a company has made it possible to in their words “provide an adjustable, responsive, and holistic microclimate” for your sleep? The New Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed does just that, in which it adjusts your bed while you're asleep so that you can achieve a better night’s rest without having to figure out what you should be doing to get those results.

Sleep Number has been producing innovative sleep solutions for quite a few years with their current lineup of 360 Smart Beds being able to:-

  • Track sleep via SleepIQ technology
  • Preset firmness to cater to individuals sleeping on each side of the bed
  • Adjust firmness automatically to cater to movements with Responsive Air technology
  • Provide temperature balancing by absorbing your heat and releasing it back when you cool down

While the above varies from model to model, you can see that Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds already provide a high level of customisation and adjustability to prepare you for better sleep. However, as great as all these technologies sound, sleep adjustments would still need to be done manually.

This year at CES 2022, Sleep Number's New Sleep Number 360 takes sleep monitoring capabilities to the next level. With their advanced monitoring system, they are able to automate the adjustments during the course of your sleep so that your bed becomes a personalised microclimate thanks to the sleep data being monitored by the smart bed. 

Now for those married couples, I think this bed will be a worthwhile investment for blissful married life. During your sleep cycle, a smart feature of the bed will be to identify when you are snoring and make adjustments to elevate your head so that it helps you correct your breathing.

I am definitely one who treasures my sleeping hours and I want to make the most out of the time that I sleep so that I can spend my waking hours as productive as possible. As a person who is looking to optimise my sleep, I am really keen to explore how these automated adjustments to my microclimate (a.k.a. my bed) will make my rest more effective. Here's a handful of other detailed features that the New Sleep Number 360 smart bed boasts:-

  • Out-of-the-norm-event detection to improve sleep health over time: Sleepers can monitor and detect nighttime events, including insomnia, sleep apnea, temperature monitoring, sleep position recommendations and more. The smart bed provides peace of mind for elder care or patient monitoring, knowing individuals are taken care of and monitored every night. It is the first bed in the world that creates truly bio-directional connected sleep health over time.
  • Temperature monitoring and management for the ideal microclimate: Temperature is essential to sleep quality, and temperature challenges are the most common sleep disturbance issue. The Sleep Number 360 smart bed monitors and actively manages the body’s temperature on each side of the bed, changing and responding with cooling or heating to maintain an ideal microclimate and keep both sleepers at the perfect temperature.

  • Bed tilt for improved airflow: An elevated head opens airways for easier breathing and increases blood flow for improved circulation. This increase in blood oxygen can also reduce stress on your heart. A gently sloped position of the 360 smart bed provides the benefits of sleeping with head elevation while maintaining proper spinal alignment.

  • Adjustable bed entry and exit for ease of getting to bed: For sleepers needing extra support, the Sleep Number 360 smart bed can facilitate easy bed entry and exit by completely lowering and elevating sleepers in and out of bed. This is especially beneficial for older individuals, but also during pregnancy or recovery from a life event or injury.

Why is good sleep particularly important in Singapore?

According to UK bedding manufacturer SleepSeeker, they reported in an article Singapore is the most fatigued country (based on work hours and average screen time). With such busy lives, we definitely need to get good rest so that we can be recharged for the next day.

Image Source: SleepSeeker.

But with existing sleep trackers that we can get our hands-on, I’m not too sure how effective they are when it comes to improving sleep quality. I track my sleep using a Fitbit and well let’s just say, as an Asian, the higher the score the better. I have tried so many ways to get a better night’s rest, but no matter what I do, I would feel some discomfort and wake up once or twice in the middle of the night, having to adjust my pillow so that I can fall back to sleep. 

Sleep Number takes care of the science. All you have to do is sleep. - Sleep Number's tagline

As you've seen what the Sleep Number 360 smart bed is capable of, its ability to constantly track you during sleep and make micro-adjustments to sleeping angle, temperature, firmness is nothing short of amazing. Sleep Number’s New 360 Smart Bed is definitely a practical piece of tech to look out for, though it will only be available next year, in 2023, with prices starting around US$1,099. Till then, their current lineup of 360 Smart Beds is available for purchase on their website.

Sleep Number's New 360 Smart Bed is a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree (of which our own Editor-in-Chief was part of the judging panel). You can find out more about it on the awards page here, or on Sleep Number's site.

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