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Singtel upgrades the speed of its fastest 10Gbps home fibre broadband plan *Updated*

By Ken Wong - on 20 Jan 2023, 12:48pm

Singtel upgrades the speed of its fastest 10Gbps home fibre broadband plan *UJpdated*

*Updated: 24 January 14:00pm with an amendment from Singtel. *

Singtel has announced the launch of its latest and fastest fibre broadband service, the 10Gigabit Symmetric Passive Optical Network (10G-XGS-PON) as compared to the 10G-PON (10 Gigabit Passive Optical Network) architecture it announced in 2016.

With this announcement, this means that Singtel’s 10G-XGS-PON, now offers greater bandwidth, longer technology lifespan, and optimised energy efficiency, for residential customers in Singapore. Basically, a faster Internet.

Available from April this year, the next-generation fibre broadband offers upload speeds that are four times faster than existing upload speeds, matching it close to the current download speeds of about 8.2Gbps. But note that there are factors that can affect the download speed and the performance of the Internet. Also, the information on this page is meant for the current 10G-PON/XG-PON, more details of the 10G-XGS-PON will be shared later.

This means a one-hour full high-definition (HD) clip may be uploaded in about one second, while a one-hour 4K quality clip may be uploaded in 21 seconds using a 10Gbps connection compared to 4.5 seconds and 84 seconds respectively on the 10G-PON network.

But note that it isn’t enough to just “buy more speed” and expect your network to be faster. You also need your networking infrastructure and PC to be up to scratch as well. To provide some help on this, Singtel has included a handy chart listing what the minimum should be:


Pricing and availability


Singtel’s 10Gbps Fibre Home Bundle is currently priced at S$193.80 a month with a free three months waiver offer for a limited period. It also includes a 10Gbps optical network router, a pair of wireless dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh extenders, waivers off your NetLink Trust activation, and Singtel weekday installation.

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