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Singtel lets its 5G GENIE out the of the lamp

By Ken Wong - on 12 Apr 2021, 4:57pm

Singtel lets its 5G GENIE out the of the lamp

Are you ready for Singtel's GENIE? Image courtesy of Singtel.

Singtel has launched a compact, suitcase-sized, portable 5G platform called GENIE.

Consisting of a 5G network control kit and a standing mount with a 5G radio antenna, it can be setup in under an hour and requires only a standard electrical outlet for power, and access to a window for the platform to determine its location via Global Positioning System.

GENIE creates an independent 5G network at any location where it is deployed without the need for prior installation of equipment or infrastructure. It is currently using the 3.5Ghz spectrum over a trial network provided by the IMDA.

GENIE is so small it fits into a suitcase? Image courtesy of Singtel.

With GENIE, enterprises can trial their solutions over the network to see how their solutions would perform. It can also be used to run short-term events like hackathons that require a temporary 5G network.

Other advantages include enhanced data security and data integrity as there is no need to rely on accessing or running trials over an external network like the Internet.

At the moment, Singtel is not charging for the use of GENIE.  

Singtel has been pushing its 5G network with their retail and experiential concept store UNBOXED, and remodelled payphones booths that offer free 5G connectivity called UNBOXED Lite stations

StarHub also has a mobile 5G solution called COW. However, theirs isn’t as small and is usually mounted in a van.

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