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Singtel launches Paragon, a platform to bring solutions to the Edge over 5G

By Ken Wong - on 22 Feb 2022, 1:57pm

Singtel launches Paragon, a platform to bring solutions to the Edge over 5G

Singtel hopes to roll Paragon out to partner telcos across the region.

Singtel has announced the availability of Paragon, a platform to allow local businesses to tap into Singtel’s 5G network and MEC (multi-access edge compute) to deploy applications and platform solutions. Singtel is also working with partners to offer an ecosystem of applications and solutions over Paragon via an app marketplace.

Paragon will enable these businesses to access Singtel’s 5G network in slices on demand. This means that they can provision a 5G network slice as and when they need it only, so they don’t need to sign up for it and not maximise their use of it. Provisioning is also done within Paragon itself without any need to ask Singtel for help.

Without a platform like Paragon, Singtel says that businesses would have to use multiple tools to manage their network connectivity, cloud and application lifecycle at the edge. Now they can interact with the 5G network and deploy their edge computing applications and services on Singtel’s infrastructure independently, securely and within minutes.

One key role for Paragon could be to help businesses transition legacy applications to run over 5G networks rather than older 4G networks for improved speed, resilience, and security.

Singtel’s main role will be to help customers iron out any kinks before deployment over Paragon if needed.

Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer, Group Enterprise, Singtel said:

Many enterprises are undergoing rapid digitalisation while exploring and developing tailored 5G solutions for deployment in their industries. We understand the challenges and complexities that they face in managing the various networks, edge cloud applications and services with the required cyber security, resiliency and demanding service assurances required, cost-effectively. Paragon was conceived, developed and delivered to help enterprises meet these needs through a single platform.

One key feature for Paragon will be its app marketplace. Here customers will have access to Singtel and partner apps that could be used to aid in their deployment over Paragon, or a vertical solution package for certain industries like a fleet management system or logistics solution for example. This will be accessible over the Cloud.

Customers can choose to have a private instance for their own apps for their staff to access their proprietary apps.

Chang added that Singtel is hoping to roll Paragon out to partner telcos in the region so customers will have access to multiple markets for their Paragon based solutions.

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