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Singtel launches its 5G trial with 1Gbps+ speeds *Updated*

By Liu Hongzuo - on 9 Sep 2020, 4:52pm

Singtel launches its 5G trial with 1Gbps+ speeds in three areas of SG *Updated*

Singtel's 1Gbps+ speeds on its 5G trial network. Photo provided by Singtel.

*Updated: 9 September 2020 16:30, with Singtel's rollout of their 5G enabled pop-up retail store UNBOXED*

Shortly after StarHub launched its 5G trial network, Singtel is also here with its trial 5G. In Singtel's version, they're offering up to 1Gbps real-world speeds and higher in just several areas in Singapore such as Harbourfront, Bugis, and Dhoby Ghaut and more:-

Image courtesy of Singtel and accurate as of publishing.

Singtel's 5G trial is available to 10,000 existing Singtel Combo and XO customers with compatible 5G handsets. Another 10,000 Singtel customers who purchase a 5G phone will also get to try the 5G speeds for free. Beyond these 20,000 customers, other users can try the 5G network out for S$10/month (down from S$15/month). The trial lasts for three months.

This is a different approach from StarHub's, where they chose significantly wider coverage and free trials until February 2021 for all StarHub's Mobile+ and Biz+ plan users. Conversely, StarHub's 5G trial network sees 300Mbps speeds for the time being, while Singtel's coming in fast with 1Gbps at trial launch. Still, that's a theoretical figure and we'll be glad to put that to the test soon.

Singtel's 5G trial for consumers uses the 3.5GHz frequency band, alongside existing 2,100MHz spectrum. This also means that Singtel's 5G is 5G NSA, where it partially also relies on existing 4G infrastructure and certain 5G technologies (like dual connectivity) to help better propagate 5G networks into the open.

“We are excited to introduce our customers to a high-quality 5G experience that will enrich their digital lifestyles. With COVID-19 driving everyone online and dramatically increasing our reliance on digital services to work, learn and play, 5G is set to be a huge enabler in our lives in this new normal. We can tap on its potential in combination with applications such as augmented and virtual reality to deliver dynamic and immersive experiences offering the next best substitute to physical interactions, and also deepen our engagement with customers,” said Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO, Consumer Singapore, Singtel.

Currently, compatible handsets include Huawei P40 Pro and Pro+, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the Vivo X50 Pro. More 5G-ready smartphones will receive access to Singtel's 5G trial network over time.


Singtel rolls out its first 5G use case

The UNBOXED pop-up store.

To showcase its 5G technology, Singtel today unveiled its first 5G use case with 5G Now@UNBOXED. This 24/7 unmanned pop-up retail store is now enhanced with 5G connectivity and gives consumers and retailers a first-hand taste of 5G and how it can transform and reshape the shopping experience as we know it.

Some of the 5G trials at UNBOXED.

Customers to the store can communicate with UNBOXED's roving smart robot ambassador Stanley and a 5G virtual assistant Stella at the kiosks, to create a personalised shopping experience for themselves. Robot ambassador Stanley is also integrated with the store’s security system to detect customers who are running a temperature as well as ensuring they adhere to safe distancing measures. This can help retailers and customers get used to a post-COVID new normal.

Customers can experience Internet speeds of more than 1Gbps at UNBOXED. This is significantly faster speeds than those currently available to them. For example, a two-hour HDR movie can be downloaded on a 5G connection in just 40 seconds. Other consumer use cases included an interactive 3D reading experience through augmented reality, and high-performance 5G cloud gaming.

Are you ready for the speed of 5G?

UNBOXED is currently located at Singtel Comcentre and will move to popular venues across the island in the coming year. Customers can also choose to experience the showcase from the comfort of their home via a virtual tour on the Singtel site.

Source: Singtel

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