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Singtel launches free 5G SA trial network for businesses, registration of interest now available

By Liu Hongzuo - on 8 Oct 2020, 3:30pm

Singtel launches free 5G SA trial network for businesses, registration of interest now available

Singtel has deployed Singapore's first 5G standalone (SA) trial network at its 5G Garage testing facility, effectively launching a free trial and testbed for local businesses and enterprises to try, test, and figure out how 5G connectivity can benefit their operations.

According to their official statement released today (8 October 2020), business owners and enterprises keen to benefit from 5G SA can head to Singtel's 5G Garage to test-bed their 5G applications and technologies, free-of-charge. The Registration of Interest URL can be found here.

Singtel's testing facility, 5G Garage, was launched back in January 2019 with partners Ericsson and Singapore Polytechnic. Today, the facility now has the newly launched 5G SA trial network. It sits on the 3.5GHz spectrum and features advanced Massive MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) capabilities.

As previously explained, 5G SA is 5G network connectivity 5G SA runs on built-to-spec 5G infrastructure. Such equipment gives us access to more frequency bands with faster maximum speeds, unlike 5G NSA where it somewhat piggybacks existing 4G infrastructure. While 5G SA has its limitations, 5G SA brings about another class of speed and latency that 4G or LTE-Advanced connectivity can only dream of achieving.

5G SA network isn't the only thing Singtel is offering to enterprises and businesses. According to their official statement, the blazing speeds and low latency of 5G SA works alongside Singtel's multi-access edge computing platform (MEC), an integration tool that can bypass the use of public cloud networks to make 5G work with other technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and more. MEC also lowers total cost of ownership for hosting duties, dedicated link provisioning, and data transfers.

An example of 5G SA and MEC implementation comes from Singtel's 5G cloud gaming trial with cloud gaming provider Ubitius, where both parties were able to achieve cloud gaming latency of 8 to 11ms, which is 85% lower than 4G cloud gaming latency.

For businesses that want to see more viable use cases of 5G at work (such as security, retail, and other applications), they can visit Singtel's unmanned pop-up retail store UNBOXED (our 2019 coverage here), which is now located at the fountain plaza in Singtel's Comcentre.

Source: Singtel

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