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Singtel partners Huawei for new home broadband plan, running transparent fibre optic cables to every room

By Liu Hongzuo - on 11 Apr 2024, 6:11pm

Singtel partners Huawei for new home broadband plan, running transparent fibre optic cables to every room

Singtel FibreEverywhere. Source: Singtel.

Singtel is partnering with Huawei to bring Singtel FibreEverywhere, a new home-wide fibre optic Internet home broadband plan.

According to its official announcement, FibreEverywhere features Huawei’s transparent fibre optic cables, which are offered to every room in your household

Singtel said that setting up FibreEverywhere is quick and simple. Field installers will first conduct a personalised site survey to plan a viable fibre installation route. They will also advise homeowners on the optimal placement of consumer networking equipment around the home.

The installers will then run transparent optic cables along walls, door frames, and skirting to blend these connections seamlessly to suit the house's aesthetics. An important note is that these cables "do away with the need to conceal wires with trunking", hence the appeal of its cable choice.

Singtel FibreEverywhere would have its network installers helping to assess your home for unfettered Internet connection in the rooms you specify.

The plan also comes with Huawei’s OptiXstar routers, offering fibre optic connectivity speeds without requiring homeowners to make structural adjustments to their homes.

Singtel said the new solution offers more than 1Gbps Wi-Fi speeds to every room, which is up to 2 - 3x faster than traditional basic Wi-Fi 6 routers. Combined with its multi-room coverage, users can expect uninterrupted Wi-Fi access in the most unexpected corners of their house.

Singtel FibreEverywhere base bundle, which includes Internet coverage for two rooms.

Originally at a price of S$179 per month, Singtel is running a promotion to celebrate the launch of Singtel FibreEverywhere, offering it at S$109/month for coverage across two rooms. Each additional room costs another S$20 a month

This service is distinct from Singtel’s Home Priority Plans, as these earlier plans do not have transparent fibre optic cables running around the entire house, even if they also provide network engineers to help assess your home layout for optimal Wi-Fi installation.

According to its FAQ, Singtel FibreEverywhere is designed for homes that need wider coverage, where an additional one or two mesh Wi-Fi equipment is insufficient. The plan uses a 10Gbps service to ensure it can get 1Gbps or higher speeds in each room where it is installed. Singtel added that installers can recommend additional networking gear to suit your home layout (which may cost more money) since every home has a unique layout.

According to its T&Cs (PDF download here), this is also a 24-month plan that consists of Singtel’s 10Gbps Enhanced Plan with FibreEverywhere-related add-ons. It is not the same 10Gbps plan seen in its 10G-XGS-PON plan.

You can learn more about Singtel FibreEverywhere here.

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