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Singtel announces increased coverage of 4G LTE-advanced and premium WiFi network

By James Lu - on 3 Dec 2014, 11:27am

Singtel announces increased coverage of 4G LTE-advanced and premium WiFi network

Singtel has increased the coverage of its 4G 300Mbps LTE-Advanced network service, which can now be accessed at 49 locations island-wide (for the full list of locations with enhanced 4G service see the table below). Singtel also expanded the coverage of its Premium Wi-Fi service and is on track to hit 100 locations across Singapore by 2015.

“With customer usage habits driving increasing demand for data, we understand the need for speed. Hence, we have enhanced our 4G network at over 40 locations, with particular emphasis on the indoor areas, to ensure that SingTel customers are able to download, share, stream and connect even faster and more reliably than ever on their mobile devices, whether they are on our 4G or WiFi network,” said Johan Buse, VP of Consumer Marketing, SingTel.

Availability of SingTel’s Premium Wi-Fi service, which provides Internet connectivity up to five times faster than typical free Wi-Fi services, has also been expanded, and is now available at more popular shopping malls and MRT platforms. The service is being progressively rolled out to include approximately 1,000 hotspots at more than 100 locations across the island by 2015.

According to SingTel, these are the typical surfing speeds you can expect depending on the kind of data network you're latched on to:-

  • 300Mbps 4G LTE:  20 - 140Mbps
  • 150Mbps 4G LTE:  16 - 70Mbps
  • SingTel Wi-Fi:  4 - 10Mbps

To find out the full list of locations where SingTel's Wi-Fi hotspots are available, hit this link.

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