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Singapore's newest national supercomputer goes EPYC with HPE

By Ken Wong - on 12 May 2021, 3:19pm

Singapore's newest national supercomputer goes EPYC with HPE

An impression of what the new supercomputer could look like.

Singapore's National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) new supercomputer to be used in the national high-performance computing (HPC) resource centre will be based on HPE’s Cray EX supercomputer and powered by AMD’s EPYC 7003 series of processors.

Using a combination of the EPYC 7763 and EPYC 75F3 processors, the yet to be named new supercomputer is expected to provide an aggregate of up to 10 Petaflops of raw compute power and be eight times more powerful than the current ASPIRE1 supercomputer that was commissioned in 2016.

It will comprise nearly 900 CPU and GPU computing nodes of different configurations and more than 100,000 computing cores.

The system is designed to cater to a range of different users across various scientific fields as well as research in areas like weather and climate monitoring, genomics, engineering, offshore and marine, urban planning, and biomedical science.

The new supercomputer was funded through a S$200 million investment from the Singapore government intended to boost Singapore’s high-performance computing resources. It is expected to be commissioned in early 2022.

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