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Singapore's National Library Board unveils Playbrary, an AI that turns books into games

By Ezzhan Hakim - on 3 Apr 2024, 8:04am

Singapore's National Library Board unveils Playbrary, an AI that turns books into games

(Image source: NLB)

In conjunction with the National Reading Movement, The National Library Board Singapore (NLB) has launched Playbrary, a feature that utilises generative AI to turn books into adventure games.

Created in collaboration with LePub Singapore, Playbrary is an initiative by the NLB to encourage more people to read more through gamification.

There are two versions of Playbrary available. The free option is available through the free prompt generator in ChatGPT-3.5. On the free version, there are 15 books to choose from with classics such as Jane Eyre, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and Frankenstein, to name a few. More classic book titles will be added over the next few months.

For the best Playbary gaming experience, a ChatGPT Plus subscription is required and it comes with the generation of real-time graphics and access to over 1000 books, letting you explore various literary worlds and interactive possibilities.

To get started, paste the prompt into ChatGPT and carefully read the instructions. From there on, you will assume the role of the main character and get options to decide what to do next in your adventure. The options can include following or diverging from the sequence of events that was depicted in the book.

Those old enough will surely find this familiar as it mirrors the experience of reading game books like those of the Lone Wolf series. As your adventure unfolds and reaches five prompts on ChatGPT, you will be asked to borrow the original book from the library to find out what happens next in the story. 

Uses can access Playbrary here or by scanning the Playbrary QR codes at all National Library branches in Singapore. 

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