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Singapore entertainment to get large as Sharp launches their new Big Aquos TVs

By Ken Wong - on 15 Mar 2021, 5:37pm

Singapore entertainment to get large as Sharp launches their new Big Aquos TVs

The 65-inch model. Image courtesy of sharp.

Sharp’s Aquos TVs have gone large with the company launching two Big Aquos models.

According to the company, the 65- and 80-inch models are called Big Aquos because they are part of Sharp’s Aquos TV line, but have a larger screen than previous models and feature Sharp’s new display technology, their Deep Chroma Display.

But Sharp won’t be the only company bringing large screens into the home. Samsung and LG are also bringing large screens to market. Samsung’s will be going from 76-inches to 110-inches and based on MicroLED technology. LG’s QNED TVs will go up to 99-inches.


All the features plus seven shields of protection

The 80-inch model. Image courtesy of sharp.

All made in Japan, both new TVs are Android TV based as well as being UHD 4K HDR10 with Direct LED backlighting. Both also come with Sharp’s new Deep Chroma Display that creates richer colour tones and is powered by the X4 Master Engine Pro II.

Sharp says the same engine can also upconvert content into 4K quality from standard definition or high-definition sources. Video definition is also improved through the enhancement of the contrast between detected edges and their periphery.

For user comfort, the televisions are equipped with exclusive Comfort Mode to protect eyes by reducing the intensity and effects of blue light from the screens.

In terms of connectivity, there are 3 HDMI ports, AV-in, USB, LAN, headphone jack, and Service pin jack.

Sharp added that the new Big Aquos TVs come with seven shields of protection and endurance. These are:

  1. Lightning Shield: A varistor protects the TVs from lightning surges through AC cables that is in line with EMC standards (IEC 61000-4-2 and IEC 61000-4-5)
  2. Heavy Weight Shield: The design of the wall mounting brackets are tested against IEC 60065 weight loading standards
  3. Voltage Shield: Sharp TVs can endure a wide range of voltages from 110V to 240V
  4. Drop Shield: The protective packaging and durability of the TVs have passed strict drop tests
  5. Stability Shield: Sharp TVs are proven to be structurally stable, benchmarked against IEC 60065 standards
  6. Vibration Shield: Sharp’s carton packing design and build quality of the TVs provide vibration resistance during deliveries
  7. High Temperature and Humidity Shield: The TVs have passed the IEC 60065 test standard to withstand high temperature and humidity settings.


Pricing and availability

Both the 4T-C80CL1X and the 4T-C65CK1X are available now at S$9,999 and S$3,499 respectively from and their retail partners.

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