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Singapore based myFirst wants to be the safe social app for your kids

By Ken Wong - on 6 Jan 2023, 9:02am

Singapore based myFirst Circle wants to be the safe social app for your kids

Image source: myFirst.

Singapore-based kids-tech company myFirst has announced the launch of myFirst Circle — the world’s first social community app for children at CES 2023.

It is calling itself a social community app and not a social media app to avoid any negative connotations with associtated with apps like Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, and TikTok.

The company says that the free-to-use myFirst Circle app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and was built from the ground up with features that provide children with a safe and protected environment in this increasingly digital world. It allows them to experience the benefits of social connectivity alongside their parents who can moderate posts on the fly.


How it works

Setting it up. Image source: myFirst.

Traditional social media networks are built upon uncontrolled peer-to-peer connectivity, which may expose children to inappropriate content, social media scams, cyberbullying, and ill-intentioned strangers. myFirst Circle requires children’s accounts to be tied to a parental account that will approve and classify new members who join their children’s social circles.

Children under 13 years of age need their parents to have an account. Parents will need to whitelist and approve the friend requests received by their children before they are added to the children’s social circle.

This creates a safe zone where children can create posts and share photos with their circle of friends without the need for parents to approve every post. At the same time, parents can monitor and make changes to their child’s activities instantly if found inappropriate. This creates a balance between creating a safe space for children and the freedom to socialise with friends.


No need for likes

Image source: myFirst.

Posts no longer receive a “Like” as myFirst Circle has replaced it with their own “ShoutOut” system as they want interactions to mean something.

So, its “ShoutOut” aims to foster an engaging atmosphere with voice and text replies, encouraging quality interactions among friends and family, where users are encouraged to send 16-character text messages, an eight-second voice blurb, or emoji reactions.


Not just for smartphones

The different colours available. Image source: myFirst.

Besides the smartphone app which is available for free, there is also a myFirst Fone version for the smartwatch sold by the company. Smartwatch users can opt in and update their smartwatch to have myFirst Circle features. New smartwatch buyers will have myFirst Circle already set up on purchasing.

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