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Silverstone launches new Tundra TD03-E liquid-cooling block

By Kenny Yeo - on 5 Aug 2016, 9:29am

Silverstone launches new Tundra TD03-E liquid-cooling block

(Image source: Silverstone)

DIY enthusiasts, Silverstone has just launched its new Tundra TD03-E liquid-cooling block.

According to Silverstone, the Tundra TD03-E was designed to be durable and easy to install. 

To begin, it features an all-metal construction for better structural reliability and durability. The base is copper for better heat dissipation.

In addition, the radiator features a soldered heatsink array to allow for better heat transfer. According to Silverstone, heat transfer is improved by 40%.

Silverstone will also include dual 120mm auto-adjustable fans.

The Silverstone Tundra TD03-E is available now for S$145 and comes with a 5-year warranty.

For more information, hit the link below.

Source: Silverstone

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