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Shutterstock launches AI image generation platform

By Cookie Monster - on 26 Jan 2023, 12:30am

Shutterstock launches AI image generation platform

Shutterstock just announced the launch of its AI image generation platform.

Available to use by all Shutterstock customers globally in every language it offers, the text-to-image technology can convert text prompts into ethically created visuals ready for licensing. 

Shutterstock believes it is revolutionising the way visuals are created for campaigns, projects and brands. The AI image generation platform can produce "unique, varied, and breathtaking images from even a single word input or short simple phrases."

The company also says it is the first to support a responsible AI-generation model that pays the creators for their contributions. The AI image generation platform is the result of the strategic partnerships over the past two years with industry players such as OpenAI, Meta and LG AI Research.

Do give it a try, as even the basic free Shutterstock account is entitled to access this feature.

Source: PRNewswire

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