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Shazam is offering a free five-month subscription to Apple Music just by using the app

By Aaron Yip - on 16 Feb 2021, 10:24pm

Shazam is offering a free five-month subscription to Apple Music just for using the app

Image: Shazam Entertainment Ltd.

(Updated with terms and conditions)

Let's paint a scenario: it's a bright and sunny Saturday morning, and you're all comfy in front of the couch binge-watching Netflix shows with your bowl of cereal in hand. As the show's intro sequence plays, you suddenly think that it'd be cool to add the song to your regular playlist. There's just one problem, though - you don't know what the song is called. 

Many of us 90s kids would have encountered such scenarios before, minus the Netflix thing, and as we all know it can be downright stressful trying to source for a particular song when all we know are the lyrics. Fortunately, while it might have meant an afternoon's worth of stress twenty years back, in 2021 there's an easy fix - you can just boot up the Shazam app for that, and as the cherry on top they're offering a five-month subscription to Apple Music just for using it too. 

Essentially, you can find out what the song in question is just by letting the app "listen" to it for a bit, and then download it straight away to your phone via Apple Music. It's handy, time-efficient and most of all it's completely free, so to put it in a more amusing way, you can "steal" the songs from others' CNY playlists and enjoy them yourself for no cost. Talk about diabolical.

The only catch is that you'll need to do it before March 17 on an iOS device, which isn't difficult at all, and for those who are wondering, no - there are no strings attached. Updated: If you’re a new Apple Music subscriber you’ll get a 5-month free trial (the normal offer is 3 months free). If you’ve previously subscribed and cancelled, you will be eligible for a 2-month free trial via the offer.

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