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Sharp's trio of new fridges bring some really cool features to the table

By Kenneth Ang - on 30 Nov 2021, 11:29pm

SHARP's trio of new fridges bring some really cool features to the table

Image: SHARP

With the holiday season just around the corner, it's a great time to just relax and chill out. Of course, that includes making sure all of the food you'll be stocking up on for that well-deserved Christmas feast are kept chilled. After all, those fancy log cakes aren't going to look pretty if your fridge's cooling systems suddenly decide to "go on vacation" too.

Fortunately, Sharp has you covered right there, because their trio of new fridges are prepared to work through Christmas overtime and then some. Additionally, brace yourselves for a whole bunch of letters and numbers, as we bring in the SJ-VX40-PG-BK, the SJ-SS52ES-SL and the SJ-SS52EG-BK fridges. 

Kicking off with that first fridge, which happens to be the one featured in the cover image above, the SJ-VX40-PG-BK is a multi-door model that sports SHARP's trademark Plasmacluster Ion technology. This nifty addition helps eliminate 99% of airborne bacteria and 97% of airborne moulds, keeping the interior of your fridge fresher and cleaner. If you need to "flash freeze" some food, it also comes with a Super Freeze Mode to help you out, though it usually runs on an energy-saving Eco Mode made possible by its in-built inverter compressor. Finally, if you've already made plans to spend the festive season abroad, simply turn on the Holiday Mode before you leave - this function ensures that all energy consumption is set to the minimum, so you don't come back to a nasty post-vacation electricity bill.

Image: SHARP

As for the second and third models, both of these are relatively similar - they're both twin-door fridges that feature Multi Dyna Cooling, ensuring that each and every compartment is kept equally cool. Granted, they may not sport the same Super Freeze Mode as the aforementioned model, but their Express Freezing and Cooling functions fulfill a similar role, preventing loss of flavour and hindering bacterial growth on stored foods. Last but not least, they both come with Eco Mode too, though users can add further customisations via the stylish LED touch screens on the exterior.

As for pricing and availability, the SJ-VX40-PG-BK will set you back around S$1,899, while the SJ-SS52ES-SL and the SJ-SS52EG-BK cost S$1,699 and S$1,799 respectively. They're actually quite affordable as far as modern fridges go, and if you'd like to find out more, feel free to head over to the official product page

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