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Sharp says its new Air Purifier eliminates airborne mould, viruses, bacteria, and allergens

By Ken Wong - on 19 May 2023, 9:00pm

Sharp says its new Air Purifier eliminates airborne mould, viruses, bacteria, and allergens

Sharp's key executive celebrating the launch of the Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier. Image source: Sharp.

As part of its Sharp 2023 Regional Product Launch, Sharp announced the launch of its new Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier.

Since its initial launch in 2000, Sharp's air purification solutions featuring Plasmacluster Technology have exceeded 100 million units sold worldwide and Hideyuki Nagamine, Head of PCI/HC Division of Smart Appliances and Solutions BU at Sharp, said:

Powered by our Plasmacluster technology, we understand the impact of air quality and remain committed to enhancing the well-being and lifestyle of our consumers while ensuring the health of the planet.

According to the company, the Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier comes with a new “dual suction” structure within its compact size (333 mm x 330mm x 578mm) and when combined with SHARP unique COANDA air flow technology and triple filtering system provides air purification for its coverage area {84m2/JEMA standard).

Sharp added that the use of Plasmacluster ion technology {PCI 25000) elevates the purification efficiency against both airborne and adhered substances such as viruses, mould, and bacteria. In addition, through collaborative studies with universities across Japan and various industries, Sharp has discovered that Plasmacluster technology has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on human health. It reduces stress, improves concentration levels, and enhances athletic performance.

Touting the Plasmacluster benefits. Image source: Sharp.

But beyond these benefits, Sharp has found that the Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier can neutralise static electricity which aids in the removal of harmful airborne particles, pollen, and dust for a purer air experience.

Sharp also claims that it emits Plasmacluster Ions that attach to a user’s skin's surface, creating a nourishing protective layer. This layer helps to preserve precious skin moisture, enhance elasticity, and improve overall texture.


Pricing and availability

Image source: Sharp.

The Sharp Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier will be available from September 2023 onwards. We will update this article with the pricing information when we receive it.

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