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Sennheiser launches TV Clear Set 2, true wireless earbuds for watching TV

By Liu Hongzuo - on 6 Sep 2023, 4:15pm

Sennheiser launches TV Clear Set 2, true wireless earbuds for watching TV

Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 (inside ear).

Sennheiser launched the new Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 today (6 September 2023), a unique pair of true wireless earbuds made for watching TV.

The TV Clear Set 2 offers a personalised audio experience beyond conventional TV-watching. To use it, you connect its TV transmitter to your television, and the transmitter pairs with the earbuds to deliver low-latency audio directly into your ears. According to Sennheiser, its transmitter has wide Dolby compatibility and seamless connectivity to S/PDIF digital audio output, and it also has a USB-C port for universal connections.

Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 plugged into a TV.

As a pair of earbuds catered for maximum TV audio enjoyment, TV Clear Set 2 offers five levels of speech clarity — up to 20dB high-frequency amplification — so you can clearly hear what the characters are saying in busy scenes. Other features include Ambient Awareness mode, which lets you keep an ear out for your loved ones or the doorbell when you’re blissfully immersed in your show.

The TV Clear Set 2 also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, making it as useful as conventional true wireless earbuds (pairing with phones, tablets, and even Bluetooth-enabled smart TVs).

Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 accessories provided along with the earbuds.

As a personal audio device, the buds weigh 6.9g a piece, has 15 hours of listening on a single charge, and a charging case granting an extra 37 hours of listening. The charging case also has Qi wireless charging support. There’s also a companion app for these earbuds if you want to customise your listening needs and check the bud’s battery status.

Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2.

Sennheiser TV Clear Set 2 officially retails at S$599 at Amazon Singapore and the Sennheiser online store. If you’re looking for clearer real-life conversations, you might want to check out Sennheiser’s Conversation Clear Plus instead.

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