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Sennheiser ramps up enterprise audio efforts

By Liu Hongzuo - on 3 Mar 2022, 12:13pm

Sennheiser ramps up enterprise audio efforts

Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker, an example of an audio product built for office needs. This speaker is capable of transcribing meetings with 10 pax or less.

Sennheiser announced its intent to focus on business audio, moving forward in its latest statement.

This doesn’t come as a surprise. Sennheiser said that more than half of its 2019 sales (€307.9 million out of €573.5 million) were attributable to professional audio business, so it’s understandable that office and meeting room audio equipment are more lucrative to Sennheiser – with a bit of help from remote working arrangements, of course.

To that end, Sennheiser will channel its business efforts into three key business units. First among them is Pro Audio, which serves live and broadcast audio needs. The second is Business Communication, which caters to semi-professional audio requirements like universities and corporate meeting rooms. The last major arm is Neumann.Berlin, which provides studio-quality audio equipment for home use (think livestreaming and mobile work arrangements).

Sennheiser also said that its Consumer business has been “fully taken over” by Sonova – a major brand for hearing aids – and that their new partner will operate with Sennheiser in expanding the consumer brand umbrella. The partnership works under a long-term license agreement with no specific timeline, where Sonova has permission to use the Sennheiser brand. Previously, Sennheiser and Sonova jointly announced a €200 million acquisition of the consumer audio business, where the hearing aid company takes the reins of Sennheiser's consumer audio products.

Source: Sennheiser (newsroom)

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