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Sennheiser announces new HD 820 flagship headphones with Gorilla Glass covers

By Kenny Yeo - on 11 Jan 2018, 3:32pm

Sennheiser announces new HD 820 flagship headphones with Gorilla Glass covers

The HD 820 is Sennheiser's new flagship close-back headphone.

Not many brands attempt flagship-class closed-back headphones.

The reason is quite simple. Because of their enclosed ear cups, it is difficult to get rid of unwanted resonances and distortion. That's why most, if not all flagship-class headphones have open backs.

Sennheiser wants to change that and they have just announced the new HD 820 closed-back headphones at CES 2018.

Essentially, the HD 820 is a closed back version of the critically acclaimed HD 800 S.

From the outside, unless you look closely you might even mistake the HD 820 for the HD 800 S. But look carefully and you will see that there is a glass cover over Sennheiser's famed Ring Radiator transducers.

Cover the drivers are specially designed curved pieces of Gorilla Glass.

The glass cover is actually a patent-pending curved piece of Gorilla Glass that has been designed to reflect sound waves emitted by the rear of the transducers into special absorber chambers. The end result, according to Sennheiser, is astonishingly low levels of resonance.

If Sennheiser's claims are to believe, the HD 820 will give its owners greater freedom of enjoying high-levels of audiophile-quality sound.

I had a short listen to them at the Sennheiser booth and while show floor listening conditions weren't ideal, I was stunned by the soundstage offered by the HD 820. It seems that the addition of the glass covers have done little in diminishing the HD 800 S' legendary soundstage.

The Sennheiser HD 820 will go on sale later in summer and will be priced at an eye-watering US$2399.95 (~S$3201), which makes them quite a fair bit dearer than the HD 800 S (US$1699.95). The good news is that at least you have the next couple of months to start saving up.

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