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See if an LG TV will fit in your home before you buy it with their new VR experience

By Ken Wong - on 7 Apr 2021, 11:23am

See if an LG TV will fit in your home before you buy it with their new VR experience

See how LG TVs will fit in your life.

LG is going big on AR and VR to change how customers interact with their products. As we’ve increasingly moved to online shopping, some of the customer experience has been lost.

There are two new solutions from LG, each using one aspect of AR and VR.

LG Virtual Studio, allows customers to scan in their own room using their phone and place 360-degree rotatable renders of each model of LG’s AV products in the room to see how they would look and how much room they would take up.

Scan the QR code to be taken to LG's VR experience.

The LG TV Simulator uses LG designed default rooms to place their AV solutions within for users to experience. The simulator offers three living room sizes for customers to choose from, six interior styles and every TV screen size and mount option from LG’s 2021 LG TV range (including OLED, QNED Mini LED, NanoCell, UHD, and FHD).

Beyond televisions, LG customers are also able to see how other audio-visual products like their soundbars and speakers will appear in their living space. Customers can also zoom in to take a close look at the products.


Reaching out in Animal Crossing

LG also has two islands within the popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) game that allows visitors to virtually experience and learn about LG’s OLED TVs while visiting special zones filled with LG products.

OLED Island (DA- 7677-3136-5978) and LIT Island (DA-2218-2553-1949) are the first to be set up by any company within the game that is open to all of the game’s residents.

Besides interacting virtually with LG’s OLED products, visitors to OLED Island can hunt for hidden treasure across the island – there are a total of 40 wrapped gifts to be found, each with a TV inside.

On LIT Island, visitors can find different themed areas like a gaming zone, music studio, gym, soccer field, baseball field, and a basketball court all featuring LG OLED TVs. There are also hidden pathways to be explored and tools to be obtained to earn a special prize. Players can also head over to the Instagram account of LG’s virtual influencer, Reah Keem, to check out her fun-filled visit to the island.

However, do note that the prizes don’t follow the players once they leave OLED and LIT Islands.

Earlier this year, LG showcased their new TV lineup at CES 2021 along with plans to license out their webOS to other TV manufacturers. 

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