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Secretlab is releasing an exclusive League of Legends gaming chair collection

By Kenneth Ang - on 13 Aug 2020, 1:30am

Secretlab is releasing an exclusive League of Legends gaming chair collection

Image: Secretlab

When it comes to gaming chairs, Secretlab is probably one of the more iconic names in the industry. Their products aren't just modern and slick, but they're comfortable and durable enough that some professional offices even purchase them for corporate use. 

But practical uses aside, the company's main focus has always been gamers, and if you're a League of Legends fan, then you should really stick around because Secretlab has announced that they're working with Riot Games to release an exclusive LoL-themed gaming chair collection. 

The Secretlab League of Legends Champions Collection, as it's titled, consists of four different models of gaming chairs, each of which sports motifs and designs inspired by some of the game's most popular characters from the region of Ionia, such as Akali, Ahri and Yasuo. As the cherry on top, there's even a special purple-and-gold version inspired by the in-game pop collective K/DA, and the colour scheme, as well as the fancy diamond-quilted side wings, is a nod to Akali's sleek getup when she was part of the group. 

Image: Secretlab

  • Secretlab League of Legends Akali Edition

Adorned with Akali’s signature kama blade and kunai dagger, the Secretlab League of Legends Akali Edition gives expression to her rebellious nature. A sprawling dragon tattoo covers the rear, a nod to gamers who want to channel the aesthetic of the rogue assassin. The wings and seat base similarly feature details drawn from Riot Games’ 2018 rework of Akali’s classic skin, paying tribute to one of Ionia’s most stalwart defenders.

  • Secretlab League of Legends Ahri Edition
Upholstered in a deep wine red, the Secretlab League of Legends Ahri Edition incorporates intricate patterns from Ahri’s garb and features her nine tails and fox fire embroidered in gorgeous detail on the backrest. Designed to charm, the Ahri Edition seat embodies class and an intoxicating mystique that evokes Ahri’s potent magic.
Image: Secretlab
  • Secretlab League of Legends Yasuo Edition

Featuring the master swordsman’s katana and a veritable tempest at its back, the wings of the Secretlab League of Legends Yasuo Edition are embellished with the wind and clouds in the style of traditional ukiyo-e art and detailing inspired by Yasuo’s armor. Clad in a mesmerizing deep navy and weave detailing influenced by the rope around Yasuo’s waist, the chair is a faithful rendition of Yasuo’s classic skin.

Image: Secretlab
  • Secretlab League of Legends K/DA Edition

The Secretlab League of Legends K/DA Edition captures the dark allure and snazzy beats that propelled POP/STARS to the top of the World Digital Songs chart. Inspired by Akali, the show-stealing rapper of the group, this special edition seat is upholstered in decadent purple and gold and features Akali’s signature dragon stitched in elaborate gold thread on the rear. Drawing heavily on Akali’s one-of-a-kind look of luxe and grunge, the chair also boasts diamond-quilted side wings that recall Akali’s stunning K/DA get-up.

Man, the chairs already look super cool, but in case you're wondering what the base models for this collection are, there are actually two options, the Secretlab TITAN and OMEGA. Naturally, buyers will get to choose which one they want when they place an order. 

Anyway, considering that this collection features characters hailing from the in-game region of Ionia, does this mean we can expect to see other regions, such as Demacia, Noxus and Freljord get their own gaming chair collections too? We certainly hope so!

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