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Secretlab marks its next phase of growth and expansion with new Global HQ and R&D Center

By Aaron Yip - on 2 Sep 2021, 3:38pm

Secretlab marks its next phase of growth and expansion with new Global HQ and R&D Center

Image: Secretlab

Secretlab's meteoric rise over the past seven years has seen it grown from a local company to a truly global enterprise. The home-grown company makes about one million chairs a year that are sold to about 60 countries today.

They are not resting on their laurels either. According to co-founder and chief strategy officer, Alaric Choo,  the company is looking to aggressively expand their headcounts in Singapore - mostly in product development. At the moment, Secretlab employs more than 200 staff, of whom 90 percent are Singaporeans.

Image: Secretlab

Alaric was speaking to the media on the sidelines of a visit on Tuesday by Trade and Industry Minister Gan Kim Yong to the company's new global HQ and R&D centre in Braddell. The lab, which is usually open only to product development staff, allows for the testing of the durability of materials, for instance in humidity chambers and pressure mapping stations.

Ian Ang, co-founder and chief executive, also added that the company has invested S$10 million in setting up the headquarters and research and development centre.

We'll continue to invest $50 million over the next few years into research and development to further boost our product development and innovation capabilities."

He noted that with the company’s current scale, even a defect rate of 0.1 percent would affect a thousand users.

Minister Gan shared with media the COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity for Singapore companies to expand and look at overseas markets. According to him, some companies will look upon it as a crisis while others like Secretlab will see it as an opportunity.

...there's a window there for us to take this opportunity to move our products overseas because other companies and markets are also facing challenges."

He noted that the Government's approach to helping local companies focuses on individual enterprises and is not "scheme-centric". The key is that his ministry is prepared to work with companies individually and to tailor their support scheme to the needs of the company, recognising that each company's needs and requirements are very different. There isn't a one-size-fits-all programme that one can simply sign up for.

Heeding a rally call from the Minister to share their experience in expanding overseas with local companies wanting to do so, Ian Ang also said that as Secretlab becomes more stable, they would love to help future entrepreneurs to go overseas as well.

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