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Secretlab launches collectible mini Titan XXS chairs just in time for Christmas

By Tim Augustin - on 13 Nov 2021, 11:17am

Secretlab launches collectible mini Titan XXS chairs just in time for Christmas

Image: Secretlab

Now your cat can game in comfort too. 

After teasing a tiny version of its chairs as an April Fool’s joke a while back, Secretlab is now making these chairs a reality. The company is launching the Secretlab Titan XXS, its first-ever collectible chair with height-adjustable armrests best-suited for your little ones and pets. 

According to Secretlab, the company went to great pains to make this tiny chair a functional product that fit safety standards, with each design element re-engineered to a smaller scale using miniscule parts. The Titan XXS is certified according to international standards for child safety, and has been put through customised testing to ensure its durability. The chair comes with child-friendly locking casters and supports up to 70kg in weight. 

CEO and co-founder Ian Ang said:

The TITAN XXS was created solely for our fans. Having been bombarded with requests of an actual unit from friends and fans alike after our April Fool’s joke, it was clear that we needed to get this into production. But while the TITAN XXS is meant to be a fun collectible, some serious engineering has gone into making it to ensure it meets the manufacturing standards we hold ourselves to. We won’t be surprised if anyone finds this collectible actually better made than other imitation full-sized chairs in the market.

The Titan XXS is cut from the same cloth as the Titan Evo 2022 - literally. Made with the same materials as its larger-sized sibling, this chair is available in Secretlab Neo Hybrid Leatherette and SoftWeave Plus fabric. Its colours range from Stealth, Plush Pink and Frost Blue, and the chair comes with a five-year warranty. 

You can find this fun-sized chair at Secretlab’s website in limited quantities. If you pre-order now, you could receive it just in time for Christmas too. Your cats would be fairly surprised, to say the least. 

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