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Secretlab adds new peel protection guarantee for its 2018 and 2020 series chairs

By Koh Wanzi - on 21 Jun 2019, 6:30pm

Secretlab adds new peel protection guarantee for its 2018 and 2020 series chairs

Secretlab today announced a new Peel Protection Guarantee for all its 2020 series chairs. While it previously extended its warranty to 5 years under its 5-year Extended Warranty Program (only for the 2020 series), you still weren't covered if the PU leather on your chair started to peel. The fact that that's changing now should be music to the ears for customers worried about how their chair will hold up in Singapore's humid weather. 

In fact, the company is rolling this out specifically to address the concerns of local customers. It says that the reports it receives of peeling happen almost exclusively in Singapore, and almost never in air-conditioned environments, which makes it seem like our humid climate is the root of many of these issues. That said, the Peel Protection Guarantee will be exclusive to Singapore customers for now. 

In addition, Secretlab will offer the guarantee to owners of the previous 2018 series as well, provided that their chair is still covered by the existing 2-year warranty.

The Peel Protection Guarantee is free and will apply automatically, so you won't need to do anything to enjoy it. However, it will only cover peeling of the PU leather and not regular wear-and-tear of surfaces such as aesthetical degradation of the upholstery and scratches or damages caused by accidents. 

You can find out more about the Peel Protection Guarantee here.

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