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Seagate Announces Device Replacement and Data Recovery Protection Plans

By Wong Chung Wee - on 30 Oct 2013, 11:38am

Seagate Announces Device Replacement and Data Recovery Protection Plans

Seagate has just announced two protection plans, which are named 'Rescue' and 'Rescue and Replace'. The 'Rescue and Replace' plan offers device replacement and data recovery for the damaged device. This plan starts at US$ 39.99 for a 2-year duration. The 'Rescue' plan is a data recovery service that starts at US$29.99 that also covers a 2-year period.

(Image Source: Seagate)

Consumers would be pleased to know these plans aren't exclusive to Seagate devices. According to the company, they are extending this service "for nearly any brand of internal or external HDD drive or SSD." The main benefit to the end consumer is cost savings as Seagate's data recovery plans are offered at a fraction of what is usually charged by data recovery companies.

The 'Rescue and Replace' plans come in the following packages; 2-, 3- and 4-year period for US$39.99, US$49.99 and US$59.99 respectively. The 'Rescue' plans are offered as follows: 2-, 3- and 4-year period for US$29.99, US$39.99 and US$49.99 respectively. These plans will be offered throughout the Asia Pacific region by next year in 2014. They have already been launched worldwide, after their initial availability in the United States and Canada.

Seagate states that the plans are offered by for now, and they will be sold through "retail and manufacture partners at the time one purchases a computer, external storage or NAS." For the official press release, please visit this link. For more information on the data protection plans, do visit Seagate's link.

(Source: Seagate via Storage Newsletter)

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