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Schiit's updated Vali 2+ tube hybrid amp offers 50% more power and 10dB lower noise floor

By Kenny Yeo - on 16 Nov 2020, 9:17am

Schiit's updated Vali 2+ tube hybrid amp offers 50% more power and 10dB lower noise floor

Schiit Vali 2+. (Image source: Schiit)

The Vali is California outfit Schiit's most affordable tube hybrid amplifier and it finally gets a much-needed update today.

The second-generation Vali is almost five-years ago and much has changed since in the headphone world. In recent times, enthusiasts have become much more concerned about measurements, specifically power and noise floor, so the new Vali 2+ sets to improve on those two aspects.

According to Schiit, Vali 2+ now has 50% more power, meaning it now channels 1.5W into 3.2 ohms per channel. At 50 ohms, it pushes 1W per channel, and even at 300 and 600 ohms, it still delivers 400mW and 200mW respectively.

Noise floor has been reduced by 10dB compared to its predecessor, which makes Vali 2+ more suitable for moreee sensitive headphones – particularly IEMs.

While power and noise floor has been improved, Vali 2+ isn't a low-distortion design. In fact, Jason Stoddard, co-founder of Schiit and the man behind Schiit's analog designs, said:

It is designed to reflect the distortion of its tube gain stage, so total distortion is high, but it also falls off sharply for higher orders. The distortion performance is better than Vali 2, yes, but we're still talking 1000x to 10000x higher distortion than our low-distortion amps like Magni and Magnius.

If distortion is an important metric of measurement to you, solid state amplifiers are the clear choice.

(Image source: Schiit)

Round the back, the Vali 2+ has the same inputs and outputs as its predecessor, and that means a pair of RCA in and out.

The Vali 2+ comes with a new old stock tested and match 6BZ9 tube, but owners will be able to tube roll with 6922, ECC88, 6CG7, and 6N1P tubes.

The Schiit Vali 2+ is available now from Schiit.com and it's priced at US$149 (no change from its predecessor).

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