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*Scape and Twitch's new initiative will support over 300 youth content creators

By Kenneth Ang - on 23 Sep 2020, 8:22pm

*Scape and Twitch's new initiative will support over 300 youth content creators

Image: *Scape, Twitch

Heads up, guys. If you're among the crowd of aspiring youth in Singapore looking to get into content creation and live-streaming, then today's your lucky day, because "class is now in session". 

Earlier this morning, non-profit youth support organisation *Scape and streaming giant Twitch announced their new workshop-based partnership, which is targeted at helping provide youth content creators here in Singapore with a firm foundation. 

Under the agreement, which was signed by *Scape's executive director Ivy Lim and Twitch's Senior Vice-President for Asia Pacific Sunita Kaur, both companies will come together to conduct a curated Talent Development Programme, which consists of a series of masterclasses on key aspects of the live-streaming industry, such as content curation, audience engagement and channel monetisation. The programmes are expected to give more than 300 young aspirants a strong grasp of industry basics, and networking/mentoring sessions with industry veterans like Deborah "Wolfsbanee" Sim and Andrew Fidelis will help to round off the content-heavy learning package.

Anyway, the partnership's first order of business is an induction programme called Gateway, which will be conducted this Saturday, September 26 by the folks at *SCAPEEsports. The roster of speakers includes many experienced personnel from both the streaming and digital content management fields, including Singapore-based streamer Andrew "Sombrero" Philippou and Gareth Reynolds, Product Manager of XSplit. They will be discussing the streaming landscape here in Singapore, as well as provide a short introduction on some of the essentials needed for a streamer to get off the ground. 

For both companies, the partnership's primary goal is to "spark creativity in Singapore's youth,", Kaur says, as well as "provide them with a service to find communities and form lasting bonds with like-minded people". In recent years, Singapore has grown into one of Southeast Asia's biggest gaming and digital content hubs, and with such industries seeing such rapid expansion and development, having more initiatives to support our local talents is always appreciated. 

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