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Samsung's next Galaxy Note may come with automatic ejectable S Pen stylus

By Cookie Monster - on 9 Jun 2015, 11:53am

Samsung's next Galaxy Note may come with automatic ejectable S Pen stylus

 Image source: Patently Mobile

The S Pen stylus has been a key feature of the Galaxy Note devices and Samsung is not going to let Apple's alleged stylus take the limelight away.

According to the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, Samsung has filed a patent application for an automatically ejectable touch pen system for its Galaxy Note devices. What's interesting about the patent is that the user can release the touch pen from its holder with a special voice command and/or gesture.

Apparently, the automatically ejectable touch pen system relies on two electromagnets with opposite polarity to push the touch pen out of its holder. This could also integrate with the software where the user is informed via a message whenever the touch pen is ejected. There is also a description of a new locking mechanism which is software-based; voice command, swipe action or a button press can enable a user to eject the pen without having to manually pull it out.

Since the patent application was filed in Q4 2014, there is a possibility of Samsung implementing it in the upcoming Galaxy Note 5. Samsung is not the only company toying around with patents for styluses; Apple filed two patent applications for a stylus which could potentially be used in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Source: Patently Mobile via Android Authority

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